International Electrical Engineering Students’ Gathering, widely known as Elektrijada, traditionally takes place since 1960. It has been founded in the former Yugoslavia and now represents the largest annual meeting electrical engineering students in Europe. Through its programs Elektrijada promotes a wider sphere of all active student life – scientific research, knowledge competitions, sports competitions, educational programs, fun and fellowship.

Five-day programme of Elektrijada is organized every year in the attractive tourist destinations. Well-organized programme, beautiful nature and well-known energy of students are combined with activities atmosphere of competition and friendship. In recent years, Elektrijada gathers over 2000 participants from 30 faculties all over Europe. In addition to students from Serbia, participants of Elektrijada are students from Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Macedonia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Poland, Switzerland, Germany and other European countries.

The formal part of this event consists of competitions in science and sport. Students compete in individual competition and team standings for their faculties. During Elektrijada, many different activities, such as the presentations of student papers and projects, discussions on new trends in education, seminars on modern scientific achievements in the field of electrical engineering, the exhibition of the Museum of Nikola Tesla, the presentation of companies from the profession, are organized.

For the majority of students Elektrijada is a source of positive energy, good fun and unforgettable moments, and consequently the most wonderful time during their studies. If you can imagine 2000 students five days together in one place, having fun 24 hours a day, as competing in science, cheering their faculty teams, entertaining themselves almost without time for sleep, then you might have a good idea of Elektrijada. It is hard to describe this unique experience and certainly Elektrijada is worth visiting.

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